5 Common SEO Mistakes by Small and Medium Businesses

We all want to see results fast. If you are a part of a small of a medium scale business, then you might understand how painful it is to just be patient. 

Small and medium scale business do not make huge profits; hence, they need results fast! But that’s not how SEO best practices work, and the business owners realize this. Therefore, in an effort to make their SEO efforts yield results faster, they end up employing tactics that backfire! 

To save you from all the trouble, here are 5 mistakes that you should avoid when optimizing a small or medium scale business’s website for search engines. 

1. Lack of Keyword Direction

2. Broad Keywords

3. Incorrect Keywords

4. Content Duplication

5. Lack of Content

1. Lack of Keyword Direction 

Many businesses do not have a clear focus on what keywords to use. 

To rank high on search engines, they often optimize their website for highly competitive keywords. This typically backfires on businesses that do not have a strong brand and or a large website. Moreover, optimizing for keywords high competition and high volume will take longer to see results, which is not what you are looking for in the short term. 

Another scenario of poor keyword direction is not using keywords that are audience-centric. Some keywords might be highly relevant to your business and brand but may not be the best for your target audience. Therefore, the chances of losing leads increase.

2. Broad Keywords

Specificity is the game in SEO. You need to be as specific as you can to rank well in your niche. 

For example, if you run a small clothing store that is popular for cotton shirts in Goa, then instead of targeting a keyword like ‘best clothing store’, choose something like ‘best place to buy cotton shirts in Goa’. Not only will you have a long-tail keyword by doing so, but you will also improve the user experience, and the search engine’s algorithms will drive relevant traffic to your website that has more potential to convert.

3. Incorrect Keywords 

Incorrect keywords are those that are not relevant to your business. As odd as it may seem, it is a fact that many businesses use incorrect keywords. That is usually because of one of two reasons: 

  1. Lack of SEO knowledge 
  2. Desperation 

Suppose you are running a company that sells DSLR camera lenses, then you should not optimize your website with keywords like ‘buy truck dashboard cameras’ or ‘dashcams’ as they do not belong to your niche. 

Many business owners get desperate to drive sales that they use irrelevant keywords. What happens in such cases is that search engines like Google will not be able to accurately understand the theme of your website. Then, your ranking would go down. 

Even if users do land on your website with those keywords, they are not likely to find what they are looking for and will exit your website, which increases the bounce rate. This, again, is a big step backward in your efforts to optimize your website. 

4. Content Duplication 

It is well-known by many business people that producing high volumes of content drives traffic and improves search engine ranking of the website. 

Unfortunately, when certain small and medium-sized businesses do not have a lot of content, they simply duplicate their content in multiple pages. Another instance of content duplication is keyword stuffing. 

Such practices render your content to sound unnatural, and actions like keyword stuffing can even result in search engines penalizing your website. 

5. Lack of Content 

It is a common place that businesses try to make their website creative, user-friendly, and beautiful but in the process leave out content. 

Content is what brings people to your website in the first place. So, what is the use of having a beautiful website without visitors? 

Businesses should invest as much as in content, if not more, as in design and user interface (UI). 


SEO takes time to show results, but it is worth the wait! Don’t be in a hurry and mess up your well-built brand. 

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