5 Non-Technical Points Every Content Writer Should Remember 

Writing content for businesses is a pretty awesome job as long as you have the creative flair and enjoy the process. But just because you write stuff and you like doing it does not make you a good content writer. There are some things that you have to keep in mind for every word you type. 

Here are 5 things that you should never forget to call yourself a content writer. Remembering these will help you create high-quality content and also establish a good relationship with your client.

1. Content is King

2. Value Creates Engagement

3. Your Voice is Louder than You Think

4. It’s All About the Reader

5. Relevance is Crucial

1. Content is King 

“Content is King” – one of the most popular phrases in the world of SEO, and rightly so! Every industry, brand, and company in this world of consumerism, without an exception, thrives on the content it serves its audience. 

The content (especially the free ones) that a company produces for its audience plays a huge role in the brand’s marketing strategy. By publishing numerous blogs, giving away e-books, sending out newsletters, and setting up webinars, a brand creates value for its audience and comes off as authentic and reputed. 

As a content writer, you should understand this with every cell of your body. Always remember, content is the backbone of thriving brands; content is king! 

2. Value Creates Engagement

The direct consequence of creating high-quality content that provides great value to your audience is higher engagement.

When you are providing amazing and impactful content for free to your audience, reciprocity kicks in. They start to engage with the brand in some form or the other and may even be generous enough to opt-in for some services or buy a thing or two from your brand or the company you are writing for, to show their appreciation for your work.

Higher engagement also raises brand awareness. When more people are aware of your brand, they start talking about it, and trust builds up over time. This significantly boosts the number of new leads or customers the company gets.

3. Your Voice is Louder than You Think 

As a content writer for a company, you essentially become the voice of the brand. People might not see you, but they will most certainly hear you! If your writing style is not engaging or highly polarizing, then engagement dips drastically and, in the worst case, creates a tribe of people who are against the brand and its values. 

Hence, companies are extremely selective about who churns out content for them. A small mistake by the content writer can cause a chaotic domino effect, which the company ends up paying the price for. This will also likely put a big dent in your reputation as a content writer. 

4. It’s All About the Reader 

One of the biggest mistakes that amateur content writers make is that they get so consumed by their own interests that they place themselves at the center of what they write. That should never be the case. Always keep your target audience in mind and curate your content as per their interests and their interests only. 

This is easier said than done because many times you might find yourself in a situation where you are writing something absolutely uninteresting for you, but that is precisely what matters to your target audience and readers. So, you should practice writing articles and creating content that is out of your comfort zone. 

5. Relevance is Crucial 

  • What most people know: Many words = Better SEO 
  • What most people don’t know: Relevant content = Even better SEO 

Most rookie copywriters aim for one thing – stuffing as many words into an article as possible. Unfortunately, in an effort to do so, they often stray away from their actual topic or title. This can potentially leave the readers wondering why they are reading something they never wanted to, and will not return to your page or website again. 

Take this article for example; I could have spoken about keyword research, the importance of using appropriate heading tags, and many other factors that help businesses rank high on search engines. But they are technical aspects of SEO, and you probably did not come here for them because the title specifies that this article is about the non-technical attributes of a good copy. 

Hence, relevance is important for maximum audience satisfaction. 


In a nutshell, the more relevant, authentic, insightful, and engaging your content is, the better off you and your client are! 

So, what was your take away today?

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